Installing ubuntu to HP DL140 G3


You will get into the inital screen all OK but if you dont alter the frame buffer you will just see rubbish on the screen, to fix this, do the following.

  1. Set what Language you wish to use.
  2. Hit ‘F6’ to choose the “Other Options” menu
  3. Choose “Expert Mode” this will allow you to alter the kernel parameters
  4. Hit “Space bar” to select the Expert Mode and then “Esc” to escape out of the menu option.
  5. After this you are prompted with the kernel parameters after the “–” and in the following. “vga16fb.modeset=0” minus the quotes.
  6. Hit Enter and this will startup the installer process and you should have a working screen

Raid controller

While installing from CD do not choose “load sata raid controllers drivers”, or there will be no disks aviable.

Means we have to use software raid on the machine, due to when you enable the controller you find no disks when you have it disabled you see sda and sdb

BIOS Options

F8 = Raid Controller [Ctrl] + [S] = NIC for PXE install